Welcome to BeJoyful Today!

May you be blessed to receive joy from what you find here. Please review this video and see the benefits of Journalling, doing Bible Study and reading Devotionals, spending time with the Lord.

I have found this does not need to take much time. As Christians, we know that it is important to prioritise our time with the Lord. Let´s remember to block off some time to do it.

So, I suggest we pray to be grateful, and to manage our blessings well as we study. I pray that you set and follow good intentions every day and achieve them with the help of the Lord.

About Me Peter Lane

My name is Peter Lane and I have taken the responsibility to publish this website. I want to help all Christians from every denomination, as well as others who feel called to know more. I encourage you to let God speak to you as you see what is presented here. Let Him guide you to the truth.

I am a born-again Christian and worship at an Adventist church. I receive support from the congregation to help me with this project, for which I am very grateful! You may be of a different denomination, but Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:16). So, I pray that you receive the truth from Him as you visit this website.

As interest grows in what I am going and I am able to progress with this work, I have faith that you will be able to access a growing collection of various materials, with which you may interact, learn from and find joy.

I pray to ensure that all material is fully aligned with Bible scripture. I pray that you will be granted blessings as you read and digest them.

My background is firmly in computer software development and business analysis. I was contracted to work with the likes of the Police, Royal Navy, BBC, Oxford and Cambridge Examination Boards, VSEL, Registers of Scotland etc.

As a result, I am familiar with security needs and how to protect data as far as possible. I am asking you to register for free with just your name and email address and login to access all the material. You may make Prayer Requests there, too.

We know that sharing prayer is powerful, since He listens to us then. (Matthew 18:19-20). Prayer Requests are intended for logged-in visitors to pray with the persons who submit them anonymously. Any inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with as we will know who posts what.

You may also be comforted that I am not presently using AI to create content, only with the wisdom provided to me by God!


I am providing Guided Journals for you to regularly enter your thoughts on paper or online. These will be stored securely under your private account for download in PDF format.

Shortly, there will also be online versions that will be encrypted for extreme privacy, so that even I will be unable to read what you have written. However, you can return to print and edit them as often as you wish, and even download the HTML files for you to store and read locally.

I believe that these Journals can build to become a valuable resource for you to refer to and to see your own progress under the Holy Spirit


A range of devotionals covering different topics will be provided to assist you develop further in your Christian life.

These can be delivered periodically to you online, by email, or in PDF format files to download.

Bible Studies

I offer Bible Reading and Memory Plans to help you memorise and reflect on important Bible passages. Record your thoughts and review them as He moves in your life.

I plan to offer further resources to support you to become more inspired and uplifted.

Prayer Wall

I also provide a Prayer Wall where you may publish your prayer requests (anonymously if you wish) for others to pray with you as they choose

Matthew 18:19-20 New King James Version (NKJV)
“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

Buy Me a Coffee

Whilst I presently ask no fee for you to access this material, it does cost me to host, source and develop the content that I make available to you.

I just ask that you buy me a coffee to encourage, support and bless me as you see fit.


I am curating a growing library of some valuable resources to help you in your Christian Walk with Jesus.

I am offering some beautiful documents that you can use to record your reflections as you read them. In addition, there are some Bible Studies that can used by you on your own or in a group setting.

The documents are provided for you to download them as files in the PDF format. You may access each of them to suit your circumstances and how you want to work with them. Sometime later, you may wish to repat the exercise to map your progress!

There is an option to use them online. Online entry means that your entries will be saved in an encrypted format under your chosen Passphrase. This means that you can download or edit them later securely.

Neither myself nor anyone else will be unable to see them, because your own Passphrase will be encoded directly into the document itself and not stored anywhere else!



These Journals allow you over a period of days to reflect upon the subjects and verses, each given to record what is happening for you. These become a useful record to review later to see your progress.



Each Devotional develops its subject by giving 30 scripture passages related to its subject. There is an exhortation, a prayer and the opportunity to write your reflection upon it.

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Discover more from this selection of Bible Studies. They have been chosen to reflect upon alone or in groups, and allow you to make your comments as part of gaining further understanding.

Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall

In the Prayer Wall you will find Prayer Requests from other Members and you will be able to add your own. Please take time to pray for those requests that touch you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I encourage you to ask your questions using Messaging below. Whilst the Holy Spirit is always with us, human connection can also help!

The questions and answers given below are intended to help you understand more about this resource.

  • I have found that it is best to choose a regular time of day when we can set aside the time to do it. Then we need to build it into a habit.

    I trust that as Christians we are able to have a prayer/bible study time. Maybe we can add a little time to that or use another time of day.

  • I hope and pray that this site becomes a permanent feature and we can buld a community round it.

    To that end, I would ask that you direct people to this site. But, if they do not feel confident, then by all means download and print off a copy for them.

  • I want to provide a secure environment for sharing Prayer and all the resources you will find here.

    There is value in tracking how these resources are being used, so that I can provide more of what people want. So, I will appreciate your comments.


Contact Me Peter Lane

You are welcome to contact me with questions related to what you find on this website.

Please register to post your prayers onto the Prayer Wall. You are encouraged to pray with all those who have submitted their prayers.

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