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Use one of these wonderful homemade face scrub recipes once or twice per week to get that lovely soft skin you deserve, they are truly amazing and very gentle. Small particles in the ingredients are mildly abrasive to help gently remove dry and flaky skin.

Once you’ve made this check back here as I’ll be posting how to make some of my best homemade facial cleanser recipes.

Why Use Homemade Face Scrubs

  • Exfoliating is your skins natural way to shed its dead skin cells. As your body makes new cells they get pushed forward eventually dislodging the old cells which fall off. Moisturising this flaky dead skin is a bit pointless as it won’t be absorbed.
  • By using DIY exfoliators you can remove all of the dead skin to reveal fresh new skin which you can happily cleanse and moisturise each day.
  • After using one of these you should notice a reduction in the size of your pores and your skin will also have a healthy glow!
  • A homemade face scrub recipe will allow you to create something that is natural and suitable for your skin type.
  • By saving money on store-bought scrubs you can apply the scrub liberally knowing that it cost you next to nothing to make!
  • The shelf life on my face scrub recipes is around 4 weeks, or 12 months if you are using the optional preservative, more info on shelf life.

The Soft Skin Face Scrub – My Favorite!

  • I’m showing you how to make a face scrub using one of my favorite homemade skin care recipes, it’s truly amazing and I call it The Soft Skin Face Scrub! Below this you will find some more recipes suitable for all skin types.
  • Most of my face scrubs are made using an oil and water emulsion where the emulsifying wax helps to combine oil and water which usually separates when mixing together.
  • If you have sensitive skin limit your use to once every two weeks, for dry and normal skin types use it once per week and for oily skin use it twice per week.
  • Your choice for a mild exfoliate is flexible here depending on what you enjoy, I used cranberry seeds but you can use other things like poppy seeds, jojoba beads, crushed almond shells, bamboo powder, oatmeal, sugar etc. You also have the option of using more for harder scrub or less for a gentler scrub.
  • All of the face scrubs will keep for around 3 weeks or up to 12 months if using a preservative, more info on shelf life.



Step 1. Use your digital scales to weigh the oils and wax then put them into a heatproof bowl.

Step 2. Weigh the water, glycerine and preservative (optional) and place in another heatproof bowl. If you are using a preservative you will need a small digital scale to accurately measure 1 gram.

Step 3. Then stand both bowls in a pan of water, I didn’t want to place the bowls directly on my pan base so I used two small metal tart tins. With hindsight one larger tin would probably be better (if you have the correct size), but either way be sure that your bowls are standing firmly and stable as the water simmers.

Step 4. Stir the oils & wax gently until it has all melted. If you are using a preservative make sure the water/glycerine/preservative mix temperature does not exceed the recommended level usually around 65C (check the product instructions).

Step 5. Remove both bowls from the heat and combine them by pouring the water/glycerine mixture into the oil/wax mixture.

Step 6. Stir for 4 minutes (more if required).

Step 7. Leave the mixture to stand for a minute then stir again, repeat this until it cools down. If you see any separation place it back on the heat and stir harder until it combines again.

Step 8. Once it cools to lukewarm & thickens add your essential oils and continue stirring for a few minutes more or until thoroughly combined.

Step 9. Allow to cool then add your exfoliating ingredients and stir.

Step 10. Place in your jar or container but wait until completely cool before placing the lid onto avoid condensation.

How To Use A Homemade Face Scrub

  1. The best way to use this is the same as using a face wash, apply it directly to the face. Gently massage in small circles paying attention to the sides of the nose, chin and forehead.
  2. Thoroughly rinse it off with water before using your homemade toner & moisturizer.
  3. As a general rule if you have oily skin use one of these scrubs twice per week, if you have dry skin use it once every two weeks.
  4. Shelf life for my face scrub recipes is around 4 weeks, or 12 months if you are using the preservative, more info on shelf life.


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